Pioneers and Pathfinders: Joe Borstein



Joe Borstein, CEO at LexFusion


Our guest today is Joe Borstein. Joe has been on the leading edge of change in the industry for many years, and today, he is the founder of LexFusion, a new collaborative venture among some of the biggest names in legal tech and outsourcing. LexFusion is born of Joe’s experience as both a lawyer and entrepreneur, with a goal of accelerating the adoption of technology within corporate legal departments and law firms. They will accomplish this by transforming a lengthy—and sometimes brutal—sales cycle into one that’s simpler and easier. Joe calls it “a one-stop shop for high-end legal innovation.” He’s had a fascinating career path. The son of lawyers, Joe never doubted that he would follow the same path of his parents. He practiced law for six years before making the leap to Pangea3, a model for legal service delivery that was, at the time, extremely outside the norm for law firms. From the beginning, Joe posited that the growth of LPOs and ALSPs would not shrink the legal market, but grow it. Ten years later, we can’t say he’s wrong. In today’s conversation, we talk about what it was like to put together and launch a business during the pandemic, building trust in a virtual environment, the changing mindset of the purchases of legal services, and how LexFusion chooses its member companies.

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