Pioneers and Pathfinders – Casey Flaherty

Casey Flaherty is well known in the world of legal innovation. His career journey has taken him to nearly every corner of the legal system. Casey has been a Big Law litigator, in-house counsel at a Global 500 company, a legal operations consultant, and architect of the legal project management team with the world’s largest law firm. Today he is co-founder and chief strategy officer at LexFusion, a collaborative circle of handpicked, truly excellent legal innovation companies. In Casey’s role, he focuses on the consultative aspects of the company’s go-to-market operation, with an emphasis on market listening, thought leadership, and community-building.

Listen to our discussion to learn why market listening is so critical to LexFusion’s value proposition, how the challenges around the acquisition of technology can cause people and companies to resign themselves to the status quo, and more about Casey’s current project—a maturity model of transactions that firms can use as self-assessmen

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