And Now, Our Feature Presentation: GPT-4 is Here

Everything is obvious—once you know the answer.

Or so I thought.

I felt a tad disingenuous when I wrote PSA: ChatGPT is the trailer, not the movie because I had already seen the movie. Because of our affiliation with Casetext and our work with the likes of Darth Vaughn at Ford Motor Company, we not only had a sneak preview of (what we did not know at the time was) GPT-4 but a front-row seat to the real-world experiments that became CoCounsel and ensured GPT-4 was ready for primetime. We, however, could not share this until GPT-4 was publicly released. We’ve been waiting, impatiently.

Serendipity smiled upon us in terms of timing. OpenAI elected to make their GPT-4 announcement at same time as an already scheduled webinar Real Talk Beyond ChatGPT: What Recent AI Advances Mean for Legal (recording, coverage) that included Darth, me, and Casetext co-founder Pablo Arredando. Pablo was able to break the news live to a record-setting audience. GPT-4 hadn’t just arrived, it had already passed the bar exam with flying colors and had been expertly tailored by Casetext to all manner of legal use cases through extensive field testing and iteration with the likes of Darth/Ford.

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